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Skyrail’s History

40 years of collaborating with Architects to produce a broad variety of railing systems using our innovative technology. We have no standard rail designs.

Our mission is to execute the Architect’s expression and detail using our unique technology and expertise. Our web site “gallery” is a portfolio of railing systems that we built ,using our technology, based on the designs of our clients. We will build and engineer any railing design that the Architect envisions.

GEN 1: Post supported railing, 1972—1994

Skyrail can produce any type of post supported railing. Addressing the most complex and demanding of applications.The glass thickness used is typically 5mm or 6mm. Tempered or tempered laminated glass is available.

GEN 2: Structural glass railing, 1995—2011

Skyrail saw the need for “clear vision” railing for the luxury high rise market. Structural glass “shoe” based systems were fine for interior commercial applications. Exterior construction applications required a more “tolerant” easier and practical to install system. A “value engineered” system that would be more affordable and one that allowed installers to easily conform with demanding construction schedules. The glass thickness used is typically 12mm. Tempered or tempered laminated is available.

Glass Railing