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Integrated features

  1. A)The ultimate substrate for 100% bullet proof adhesion

  2. B)Site removable IG units from unitized frame

  3. C)Built in anchoring and unit to unit spacers

Design & Technology

A) Glass to glass silicone adhesion

Glass to glass offers a molecular silicone to glass ad- vantage over metal coated substrates which offer mechanical adhesion only.

Metal coated substrate materials require testing, whereas glass to glass does not require testing.

B) Sub-frame system

The built in subframe system allows for:

  1. Damaged IG units to be easily and safely removed from the wall without cutting.

  2. Replacement IG units are shop glazed, shop cured and installed quickly. This eliminates site siliconing and having to leave temporary stops until the silicone cures. Eg: hours vs days.

C) Built in features

Stainless steel lifting pins are used for hoisting panels into place and also act as spacers for unit to unit gap control.

Built in mounting brackets are designed to allow for site mounting tolerances.